Reignwood Escorts the Hangzhou Asian Games


For many years, Reignwood Group has relied on its aviation resources to provide aviation emergency support and airborne medical support for major national events such as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.?Reignwood Group are now deeply involved in the preparations for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, escorting the Asian Games and cheering for Chinese athletes!

As an important force in the field of aviation emergency rescue in the Yangtze River Delta region, Reignwood Eastern General Aviation was invited to undertake aviation emergency medical rescue support during the Asian Games, providing escort for the event. Responding to the country's?call for improving?pre-hospital emergency medical capabilities, Reignwood?Eastern General Aviation, in collaboration with Pacific Insurance and Shanghai NEWSKY, was deeply involved in the preparation of aviation medical rescue for the Asian Games. It has?completed tasks such as the flight display of "Hangzhou Asian Games Emergency Medical Rescue International Forum", and aviation medical rescue exercises at Asian Games venues such as Tonglu, Xiangshan, and Chun'an in Zhejiang Province, and have received high praise from the medical and health department of the Asian Games organizing committee.

Through the helicopter medical rescue service during the competition, the time required for traditional land transportation can be reduced by more than half, opening up an aerial lifeline for critically ill patients during the competition. This greatly improves the efficiency of transportation, helping to form a coordinated "water, land, and air" rescue system and providing strong support for the medical security system of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

On September 14th, Reignwood Aviation brought three light helicopters at the 6th Tianjin International Helicopter Exposition, the only national-level international helicopter professional exhibition in China, showcasing the development achievements of China's private general aviation enterprise and diversified aviation services.

The Robinson R44 helicopter exhibited at the expo is the main model for Reignwood Aviation's flight training and air sightseeing projects. In addition to its use in air sightseeing, the Bell 505 helicopter is also responsible for medical transportation, emergency rescue, aerial spraying?of?pesticides, and aerial seeding.