Reignwood grandly held the Most Glorious Labor commendation event


Reignwood Group grandly held the Most Glorious Labor commendation event on April 28th. The main event was livestreamed and?70 employees from different positions in the corporation were awarded the honorary title of "2023 Labor Model”.

Labor models are valuable assets of Reignwood Group. The honor wall is the highlight at the event, with hundreds of photos of both veteran and newest model workers. Among them, there are veteran CPC party members who have worked in the corporation for more than 20 years and leading staff striving for excellence in various business sectors, as well as staff who were grassroots and have been working hard in the front line too.

Liu Xin from the FMCG Beijing Production Base and Zhang Changli from Beijing Reignwood Pine Valley both made the speech at the event on behalf of the model workers. The Group appeals all employees to learn from the awarded labor models, keep carrying?forward the spirit of diligence, dedication, innovation, and initiative, aiming to foster a corporate culture atmosphere of "learning from advanced models and stimulating the power of advancement", and to concentrate on the high-quality development for Reignwood Group!

Reignwood staff have been impacted heavily by the spirit of “labor is the most glorious thing”. The achievement of Reignwood Group in the past 40 years is the result from the dedication and hard work by generations of Reignwood employees. All the staffs will treat this commendation event as an opportunity to contribute to?the development of Reignwood Group, keep innovating?and work hard in their career.