Reignwood Group Awarded the "Rural Revitalization Award" at the 2023 People's Corporate Social Responsibility Honorary Ceremony


On December 21st, the 2023 People's Corporate Social Responsibility Honorary?Ceremony organized by People's Daily was held in Beijing. Reignwood Group was awarded the "Rural Revitalization Award" for its outstanding contributions in the fields of rural revitalization,?poverty alleviation, education, culture and public welfare.?

Rural revitalization is a shared responsibility of the whole society. In order to consolidate?poverty alleviation achievements and effectively connect with the rural revitalization, under the leadership of Chairman Yan, Reignwood?Group leverages the advantages of its industrial platform resources to deeply integrates with rural revitalization in culture and education, green ecology, and other aspects through Reignwood Culture Foundation. It is actively building?a bridge between enterprises and rural areas and contributing?to the development of beautiful rural areas.

Guided by Party building, cultural empowerment drives rural?revitalization

In 2023, to actively participate in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in a more extensive, faster, and better manner, Reignwood Group, relying on Reignwood Culture Foundation, actively responds to the initiative launched by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to "support the revitalization of rural areas in Miyun District". The Group supports the construction of cultural walls in Ganhechang Village, strengthens the development of cultural facilities in impoverished rural areas with low income, improves the cultural standards of approximately 1,500 local residents, and promotes the rural revitalization efforts in the capital.
Reignwood Group, based in Beijing CBD area, actively responds to the "Initiative to Promote East-West Pairing" issued by Jianwai Street. Through the participation of Reignwood Culture Foundation in the targeted assistance programs in Tumotei Town and Ulanhada Sumu Town in 2023, it has benefited over 46,000 people and promoted coordinated development between eastern and western regions. ?

Protecting the ecology and promoting the construction of beautiful rural areas, contributing to green and sustainable development

In Dali, Yunnan, Reignwood Group has been dedicated to supporting rural revitalization with its green development for fourteen years. As of December 2023, through projects such as road construction, soil improvement, afforestation of barren hills, water and soil management, and technological research and development, more than 100 varieties of trees, including red maple, waxberry, and cherry, have been planted, totaling over 100,000 trees. Additionally, over 100 species of sand-dwelling plants and succulents have been planted. These efforts have covered a sprawling area of over 3,000 acres, resulting in a remarkable transformation of the once barren mountains in Haidong into a thriving "golden land."

This year, the Dali team of Reignwood Group has actively developed characteristic industries based on local conditions. The youth sports and education integration base, along with a research and learning center that integrates industry, academia, and research, as well as combining cultural tourism and new consumption, has been instrumental in revitalizing rural areas and generating over 100 job opportunities. Additionally, Reignwood Group has actively participated in ecological environmental protection in Dali. They have invested in the construction of environmental facilities such as sewage treatment plants and landfill sites, promoted the utilization of renewable energy, and contributed to the development of ecological civilization.

Supporting education in impoverished rural areas

In order to assist students from impoverished and remote rural areas in successfully pursuing their education, Reignwood Group, through Reignwood Culture Foundation, has been carrying out poverty alleviation initiatives in Zhuxi County, Hubei Province for four consecutive years, benefiting over 600 impoverished teachers and students. In August of this year, in cooperation with the local poverty alleviation foundation, Reignwood Group further extended its support to impoverished college students in Hejiang County, Sichuan Province, bringing love and hope to these students in need.
In the future, Reignwood Group will continue to fulfill its corporate citizenship responsibilities and actively engage in cultural and public welfare endeavors such as green development and rural revitalization. It aims to contribute to society and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.