Reignwood Group Honored with the "Ingenuity Brand Award"


Recently, the "2023 People's Economy and Finance Summit Forum" hosted by People's Daily was held in Beijing. At the forum, the winners of the 20th "People's Ingenuity Award" were announced, and Reignwood Group was honored with the "Ingenuity Brand Award" for its 40 years of green and healthy development.

This year's selection activity comprised five major awards: "Ingenuity Product Award," "Ingenuity Technology Award," "Ingenuity Service Award," "Ingenuity Brand Award," and "Ingenuity Leap Award." Among them, the "Ingenuity Brand Award" recognized enterprises that demonstrated exceptional performance in 2023, encompassing aspects such as quality enhancement, innovation leadership, comprehensive capabilities, market recognition, customer reputation, profitability, and social responsibility commitments.

Over the years, Reignwood Group has upheld a sense of patriotism and dedication to serving the nation and society. It has made continuous contributions in areas such as assisting the vulnerable, promoting the integration of sports and education for young people, engaging in international cultural exchanges, and providing aviation medical rescue services. Additionally, it has consistently adhered to world-class standards in providing consumers with green and healthy beverages, striving to create a better life for the people of China.

With a focus on ingenuity and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Reignwood Group will continue its efforts in the coming year. It will actively serve and align itself with the national development strategies, integrating high-quality development into the Chinese-style modernization efforts by adhering to innovation-driven approaches and contributing to the development of the green economy.