Reignwood Holds Annual Tree Planting Event at Reignwood Pine Valley


The annual public tree planting event at Reignwood Pine Valley was held on March 20th. The theme of this year is 'New Opening to the new greenery' - An ecological answer sheet of 30 Years", co- sponsored by Reignwood Group and Reignwood Culture Foundation. The event was jointly held in Reignwood Yunnan Dali Health City and Reignwood Hubei Jingui Lake Low Carbon Demonstration Zone.

Over the course of 30 years since its establishment, Reignwood Pine Valley has undergone a remarkable transformation from a barren and windswept area to a beautiful leisure park and it continues to take new strides on the path of green development. Over these three decades, it has also achieved significant success in green development. The foresight and firm belief of Mr. Yan Bin, Chairman of Reignwood Group, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Reignwood Cultural Foundation, have laid a solid foundation for the green development of Reignwood Pine Valley.

Chairman Yan Bin once said, "Seeing these trees and grass on the 6,400 mu of wasteland, I feel a deep sense of connection to this land, and I hope that all employees can feel happiness as well."

A high-quality ecological environment has become a strong support for high-quality development. With a focus on integrating sports and education, Reignwood Pine Valley has not only been recognized as the "Beijing Youth Sports Demonstration Base" and "Beijing Youth Ice and Snow Activity Center," but has also established the "Youth Sports and Education Integration Demonstration Base." Since 2021, almost every year has seen tens of thousands of young people and families participating in a wide range of cultural and sports activities.

Not long ago, President Xi emphasized, "Green development is the foundation of high-quality development, and the new productive forces themselves are green productive forces." The story of green development is also unfolding in Dali, Yunnan, and Jingui Lake, Hubei, depicting a lively "ecological narrative.

In Reignwood Dali, following more than a decade of managing barren mountains and reforestation efforts, it has transformed into a comprehensive project integrating green, ecological, and cultural elements. Spanning over 3,000 mu of green space, it boasts more than 1.1 million redwoods and over 100 species of succulent plants. Moreover, by incorporating local ethnic culture and natural environmental features in Dali, the project has initiated a range of culturally themed activities that have been warmly embraced by the market.

Reignwood Group has always regarded green development as a core component of its sustainable development strategy. While rapidly growing, it also fulfills its social responsibility by implementing effective measures to enhance and preserve the environment, adhering to the concept that "green mountains and clear waters are invaluable assets." In the future, it will continue to adhere to the path of green development and make unremitting efforts to create more green productive forces.