Reignwood Star General Aviation Provides Support for the Winter Olympics


During the Winter Olympics, Reignwood Star General Aviation undertook the key tasks of aerial shooting, and participated in the medical emergency preparation tasks of the National Winter Sports Center, providing a solid backing for medical rescue.

This Winter Olympics has used helicopters as emergency rescue force. Wang Ru, a pilot with Reignwood Star General Aviation, needs to shuttle between the mountains, and adjust the instrument panel in his hand in the face of the unpredictable mountain wind. It is a great test and challenge for him. Fulfilling the mission with accurate rescue is what Wang requested to himself. Behind the achievement of his mission is a well-trained and professional Reignwood Star pilot team.

As the "guardian" of the air emergency rescue of the Winter Olympics, the pilots of Reignwood Star General Aviation used their own practical actions to provide backing for the Winter Olympics. They provided more complete support for the Winter Olympics with their professional skills, rigorous attitude and first-class service, which once again showed the enthusiasm and passion of Reignwood people to serve for the Winter Olympics and contribute to the development of China's ice and snow sports.