Reignwood Year-End Economic Work Conference Successfully Held


From December 27th to 29th, 2023, Reignwood Group successfully held its year-end economic work conference. With the theme of “Concentrated and United, Precise Management, Reform and Innovation, Solidly Promote the New Goals of the Group’s High-Quality Development,” the conference, under the deployment of the chairman, set the direction for the future development of the Group and made strategic arrangements to solidly promote the Group’s high-quality development.

On the occasion of the end of the year, as the first comprehensive annual summary in the post-pandemic era, this conference is fully integrated with the “Three-Year Work Review Themed Education Inspection Activity.” It is problem-oriented, and the Group and its various units engage in targeted and decisive rectification. It aims to identify highlights and experiences in management and the market to share and replicate them. Through comprehensive summarization, the conference aim to supplement, improve, and upgrade the management system and mechanisms, thereby promoting the continuous enhancement of the Group’s governance system and capabilities. With a stronger “internal strength,” the final aim is to steadily, accurately, and effectively respond to the increasingly complex and changing domestic and international political and economic situations, as well as intensified competition, diverse market environments, and industrial changes.

The chairman expressed at the conference that health is the premise of high-quality development, and he hopes that all employees of Reignwood can have a healthy body and physical fitness. "Let our team be like the sun, united and thriving!”he said at the conference.

In 2024, Reignwood Group will celebrate its 40th anniversary. At this new historical juncture, all Reignwood people will closely align with national strategies, adhere to the principles of high-quality development, actively integrate into the new "dual circulation" development pattern, and continue to uphold the concept of green and healthy development. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life for the Chinese people by maintaining world-class standards.