“Silk Road Journey”Photography Exhibition Showcased in Hong Kong


On November 13th, the second Belt and Road Youth Development Summit, jointly organized by the Belt and Road General Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and the Commissioner's Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong, was held in Hong Kong. With the theme "From Hong Kong to the World," the forum focused on the next stage of new objectives for Hong Kong's participation in the Belt and Road Initiative. It attracted nearly 300 young representatives from Belt and Road participating countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, as well as local Hong Kong youth.

On the evening of the 13th, the "Silk Road Journey - Belt and Road Photography Exhibition," planned by Reignwood Culture Foundation, made an appearance at the cultural event of the forum. Representatives from central government agencies stationed in Hong Kong, key officials and representatives from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government, foreign consulates, as well as representatives from various chambers of commerce, associations, and business communities in Hong Kong, gathered together to appreciate the beauty of diverse civilizations through the the Silk Road Journey exhibition.

Mr. Yan Bin, the Co-Chairman of the Belt and Road General Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, Founder of Reignwood Culture Foundation, and Honorary Chairman of Reignwood Culture Foundation, has always been committed to cultural heritage, talent development, and international cooperation. Under Mr. Yan Bin's guidance, the "Silk Road Journey" photography exhibition was displayed at the "Belt and Road Culture" event, offering a vivid portrayal of the cultural and historical transformations, as well as the human stories that have unfolded along the Belt and Road. This exhibition has sparked a strong resonance among the esteemed guests, especially the young representatives from the Belt and Road participating countries who share in the vision of building a prosperous future together.

Supported by Reignwood Culture Foundation, the "Silk Road Journey" photography exhibition has been showcased in more than 20 venues. It has made appearances at prominent events such as the national Two Sessions, the Belt and Road Summit in Hong Kong, the China-EU Business Summit, the Xiamen BRICS Summit, the Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit, and the Boao Forum for Asia. The exhibition has also been displayed in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and other countries. With its global perspective on human culture, the exhibition has effectively disseminated the rich heritage of the Silk Road and received extensive recognition from the international community.

Over the years, Reignwood Group has leveraged its industrial resources, embraced green development, and actively responded to the call of building the Belt and Road Initiative. Acting as a bridge for cultural exchange and pursuing win-win cooperation across various industries, Reignwood Group has successfully established an innovative international platform that facilitates humanistic exchange. Through this platform, the group actively promotes exchanges in economics, culture, and talent development among participating countries. Against this backdrop, Reignwood Culture Foundation has consistently focused on international cultural exchange, heritage preservation, and talent development. Leveraging its advantages in people-to-people diplomacy, the foundation has created a series of distinctive cultural brands such as "When East Meets West," "Silk Road Journey," and "Beautiful China." These initiatives aim to promote mutual understanding among the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, foster a peaceful, friendly, and mutually beneficial international exchange environment, and contribute to the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative.