The “China and Thailand New Year Celebration" event held at Reignwood East-West Cultural Exchange Center


In the afternoon of the Lunar New Year’s Eve, CCTV-4's program "Legendary Chinese Festival" reported on the "Legendary Chinese New Year – China and Thailand New Year Celebration" event jointly organized by Reignwood Culture Foundation and the Confucius Institute of Chulalongkorn University. Ms. Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, representatives of the Thai Federation of Industry and Commerce and overseas Chinese also attended the celebration.

The vibrant performances of dragon dances and lion dances, combined with the magnificent traditional Chinese architecture of golden tiled roofs and red walls, create a harmonious and captivating scene, showcasing the profound essence of Chinese culture. Even though the overseas Chinese in Thailand are living far from their homeland, they still hold a deep attachment to Chinese culture. The venue for this event, Reignwood East-West Cultural Exchange Center (ASEAN), serves as a place for overseas Chinese, especially young people, to directly experience and appreciate traditional Chinese culture. It bears the important role of being a platform for cultural exchange between China and Thailand. It is hoped that through this building, more people can understand and appreciate the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

In this event, the Spring Festival couplets experience, presided over by the two calligraphy masters from the Chinese Cultural Center, Jia Qing and Liu Chongming, captivated the attention of many people, especially the children, who were particularly eager to try their hand at calligraphy after being inspired by the masters. With the guidance of the masters, the children successfully created their own calligraphy pieces. Minister Sudawan personally took part as well, writing the Chinese character 福?on auspicious red paper. She also received a custom piece featuring her Chinese surname character, "" (Wang), written by the calligraphers on-site.

In addition, as one of the essential delicacies in the Chinese New Year cuisine, dumplings are also highly adored by the Thai population. In order to promote Chinese culinary culture, the event invited experts to explain the methods of making dumplings and their cultural significance. The Thai attendees eagerly participated and experienced the charm of Chinese cuisine. Minister Sudawan personally took part in the dumpling-making process and crafted a dumpling in the shape of a little boat. She hopes that this "boat of friendship" will, like the ships of the Maritime Silk Road, facilitate cultural exchange between China and Thailand and enhance bilateral friendship. The event also featured performances of traditional Chinese cultural programs such as the guzheng, fan dance, and face-changing, providing the audience with a visual feast.

Ms. Yan Danhua, CEO of Reignwood Group, expressed in an interview that, “The Spring Festival is one of the most significant traditional festivals in China, with a long history and rich cultural significance. Nowadays, it has been celebrated by both the Thai and Chinese people, reflecting the lasting bond between China and Thailand. Through organizing this New Year's event, we hope to foster a greater understanding and affection for Chinese culture among overseas Chinese and the local Thai people, especially the younger generation."