The Continued Answer Sheet of Green Development in the Reignwood Style


Emphasis on green and low carbon has become one of the highlights of this consumer expo. Carrying "green genes" has become a new trend in all walks of life, and green development has become the vane of corporate social responsibility. Guided by the concepts of health, green and sustainable development, Reignwood Group exhibited high-quality and diversified drinks, which were unanimously recognized by the audience, consumers, and the media.

Over the past 30 years, Reignwood Group has deeply planted the feelings of family and country, never forgetting its original aspirations, adhering to the concept of serving the country through industry, green and sustainable development, and creating happiness through labor. Not long ago, Reignwood FMCG won several industry honors, achieving simultaneous growth in brand and word of mouth.

Awarded "Green Water and Green Mountain Cup" Excellent Enterprise for 14 consecutive years

At this green and low-carbon forum, Reignwood FMCG Group was awarded the "China Beverage Industry Association Public Welfare Research Contribution Award" by the China Beverage Industry Association. Contributions made in "Research on multi-path recycling of recycled PET beverage bottles" and "Research on quality control and economic cost analysis of recycled PET beverage bottles for food grade recycling".

Reignwood FMCG has always actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and practiced energy conservation and consumption reduction. The three production bases in Guangdong, Hubei, and Jiangsu were awarded the 'Green Water and Green Mountains Cup' 2022 Excellent Water/Energy Saving Enterprises in the Beverage Industry by the association, and the Red Bull production base has won this honor for 14 consecutive years.

To implement the major strategic plan of national development, Reignwood FMCG Group has been committed to achieving the "dual carbon"?goal with its energy conservation and emissions reduction level leading the industry since August 2021. As for the next step, Reignwood FMCG’s production system will continue to promote emissions reduction from the two aspects of enhancing management awareness and technical innovation transformation, and to promote the upgrade of Reignwood FMCG industry while taking a modern and innovative enterprise as the benchmark.

The journey of innovation has no end, and the path to green, low-carbon, and sustainable development will not stop. After 28 years of development, Reignwood FMCG has established 8 production bases and 6 functional beverage production bases across the country. The annual production capacity of its own?functional beverages has reached 5.2 billion cans, with over 4 million terminal outlets nationwide and its industrial chain provides employment for millions of people.

With the continuous implementation of various policies and measures, the increasingly optimized?supply structure and the enrichment of consumption scenarios, the momentum of the recovery of the consumption market will be even stronger.?Reignwood Group must actively play a leading role in innovation, build a new pattern of green and low-carbon development?to promote high-quality development.