The distinctive ESG practices of Reignwood Group making appearances at Boao Forum


From December 2nd to 5th, 2023, the 2023 Boao?Forum for Entrepreneurs was held in Hainan. The forum was jointly organized by Xinhua News Agency, the People's Government of Hainan Province, and the China Brand Construction Promotion Association. Over 3,500 guests from various fields, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, China's top 500 companies, and industry leaders, gathered together to explore the path of high-quality development of the Chinese economy.

Driven by the ethos of green health, Reignwood Group champions the spirit of entrepreneurship while steadfastly endeavoring to establish high-quality, globally recognized product brands. Leveraging its extensive expertise in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and its exploration and implementation of ESG principles, Reignwood Group once again emerges as a focal point at the Boao Forum.

VOSS, a natural drinking mineral water introduced to the Chinese market by Reignwood Group, has been selected as the official water for this conference, sharing the brand concept of "drinking good water for good health" with attendees. Throughout the years, Reignwood Group has remained committed to enhancing consumer experiences by analyzing emerging market trends and developing innovative brands such as Warhorse energy vitamin drink. The creation of internationally leading high-quality products like VOSS natural drinking mineral water further strengthens Reignwood Group's "Brand Powerhouse" strategy.

In response to the growing demand for high-quality health products and increased investment in wellness-oriented products, VOSS has emerged as an exemplar brand embodying Reignwood's culture of healthy consumption. Dedicating itself to the pursuit of product excellence and the promotion of a quality lifestyle, VOSS has garnered significant market acknowledgment.

Since 2011, relying on Reignwood Culture Foundation, Reignwood Group has deeply integrated ESG practices with philanthropy programs. During the conference, the Foundation was selected as the "2023 Annual Special Case of Corporate ESG" due to its outstanding performance in areas such as environmental protection, health, medical care, and technological innovation. Embarking on a new journey of high-quality development, Reignwood Group has explored an innovative driving model of "Party building + Culture + Philanthropy + Industry" to continuously empower high-quality development. This includes supporting rural revitalization through targeted poverty alleviation and education assistance, consolidating achievements in poverty alleviation, and promoting sustainable industrial development. It has also been supporting the healthy development of youth and children to comprehensively promote the "Healthy China" plan. It also built the Reignwood Sports and Education Integration Base, hosted youth sports educational events. To strengthen rural medical and health work, support has been provided for the compilation of the "Rural Doctor Practical Manual".

To tell the Chinese story of the "Belt and Road" in the new era, it has built the "Reignwood East-West Cultural Exchange Center", paving the way for talent development along the "Belt and Road". Through offering abundant practical examples, it has played a crucial role in advancing the construction of an ESG ecological system in a Chinese context.