2021 Warhorse Global Beverage Summit Forum Opens in Hainan


The "2021 Warhorse Global Beverage Summit Forum" with the theme of "the digital age of the beverage industry" grandly opened at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center on November 3. The summit aims to focus on the frontier development of the beverage industry, showcase the latest achievements of the industry, and promote the industry exchange and cooperation. Chairman Yan attended this summit via video link and made a speech.

Chairman Yan believes that “good water brings health”. Under the national strategy of “Healthy China”, China’s beverage industry must follow the development trend, step up on scientific and technological research and development and new products development, and transform and upgrade to healthy beverages, thus providing more healthy and fashionable beverage choices for the public. Chairman Yan urged that in the new era of high-quality development, relying on strong domestic consumption power, China's beverage industry should shoulder more of its social responsibilities and contribute more to the real economy.

The strategic function of Hainan Free Trade Port granted by the state is an important intersection in the new development pattern of domestic and international dual cycles. Chairman Yan hopes that China’s beverage industry will exchange with the neighboring ASEAN countries to reach more consensuses on the development of the health beverage industry, and deepen cooperation with each other.

As the industry's first general food that contains both instant coffee powder and D-ribose, the Warhorse energy vitamin drink launched at the end of 2016 has been very successful in technology and innovation as well as in design concept and product practices. It has risen to the second echelon of domestic functional beverage brands in less than three years after its launch. At the same time, Warhorse has also begun to seek development around the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. In the future, more national functional beverage brands like Warhorse will appear on the stage of the global functional beverage industry.